4 Dec
Gangspil visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Here we wittnessed how the guys in the fish stand threw fish, as the tradition seems to be. We also ate oyster cocktails, Crab meat, fish n’ chips, and bought Christmas gifts, and so on. A nice break from the tour rutine. Photo: Jamie Fox

On November 26th. my trio Gangspil got a Danish Music Award in the category of traditional music, . We gt it partly for our album “Gangspil”, and partly for our work of promoting traditional Danish music in the US and Canada.

We have performed more than 50 concerts in 9 states and provinses on the Amerrican (and Canadian) West Coast and in the Midwest in 2016, and we are pretty proud of that. We also feel humble since all our “oponents”, would have deserved to get this award as well.

Kristian was the only one from our little trio that was actualy present at the big award party, and he could not only recieve our award, but also one well deserved one for himself as Folk Musician/Instrumentalist of the Year.

Now we are about to finnish our last US tour this year, and soon I will get home to a mixed cocktail of piles of work that I have to get to bottom of, and a beginning Christmas mood, that I am looking forward to dive in to togehter with friends and family.

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