25 Jan
Adrianna Ciccone 2015
Adrianna Ciccone, Boston 2015

During the lastest 10 or 15 years, musicians from around the world has recorded music that I have composed. We are talking about bands from Scotland (Vingården), England (The Ring, Vingården), Finland (Danish 7/8), Germany (Begravelsesmarch til en Kær Ven) and Switzerland (Bjørnekæden). I feel very humble about this, and proud at the same time.

Reasonly the band Beyond the Pale from Texas has recorded ‘Gæstebud/Feast’ for their album ‘The Music Plays Me’, and the Canadian group Celtara has recorded ‘Bjørnekæden’ for their album ‘Until the Morning Light’. Also the German band Fei Scho recorded ‘Gæstebud/Feast’ on the album ‘Vom Landler zum Funk’ in 2012, and another German band, Fiunferley, just recorded ‘Bjørnekæden’ on their brand new album “Rooted”.

Some of the latest bands to record Høirup’s music, is the Finnish band Häävi that did releas their debut album in 2013, on which they perform a very nice version of ‘Gæstebud/Feast’, and the Canadaian band Thereafter from Vancouver BC, who did record their own beautiful version of ‘Bjørnekæden’, for their debut album, Ceremony, which came out in the spring 2013.

In 2015 the young American fiddler, Adrianna Ciccorone, released her debut album, produced by Bruce Molsky. The album contain the tune “Lys Polska”, that I composed and recorded with Harald Haugaard long time ago.

The latest recording is by the young Canadian band Aerialists who recorded their own version of ‘Bjørnekæden’, and I am so much looking forward to see what’s next.

I am of course very happy that bands around the world can use my compositions, it’s great to hear their way of doing the tunes, and wondeful when the music goes it’s own way, and meets a new and larger audience. Thank you!

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