30 Oct

SpillemandsprisenIt was a total surprize for me to recieve “Årets Spillemandspris” (Folk Musicians’ Award of the Year) at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival this August. Yes, I was at the festival, and I was joining the award ceremony, but that was only to cover the festival for our online radio station.

As I found out that the host were actually addressing me, I had to give my recorder to a colleague, and go on stage to recieve the award. Here is a quote of what the master of ceremony did say:

“For more than 20 years he has beeen here and there and all over the place. As a musician, he is eminent on his instrument, the guitar, and as a composer, he has written quite a number of tunes. He plays in a lot of bands, and tours all over the world. He is known and highly respected amongst musician colleagues and audience on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean – he conveys his music with warmth and humor – and he is a fantastic storyteller!”

Thank you for the kind words and for the award it self. I am sorry that I only got to take a photo at late night, but I was so busy producing radio. Thanks again I appreciate this very much!

On you can hear radio recorded and “broadcasted” during Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival.