7 Oct
Karl Skaarup i Vestervig Kirke omgivet af danske folkemusikere
Karl Skaarup surrounded by Danish folk musicians in Vestervig Kirke

Around 500 happy guests found their way to Vestervig Kirke (Vestervig Curch), the largest village church in the all Nordic countries, to pay their tribute to the Danish accordionist Karl Skaarup’s 85th anniversary as a traditional musician. Through out the afternoon the old master is celebrated with speaches, songs and music, directed by former radio host Alan Kligaard. Orchestras and musicians from all over Denmark join in to show their respect and to play with the old man, who himself add to the excitement by playing a few very touching solo tunes.

As an extra tribute the many guests performed Skaarup’s song “Lillys Vals” (Lilly’s Waltz) for Skaarup and his love. After this Karl expressed his apreciation, and many of the guests continued their journey to Hørdum Kro (Hørdum Inn), where the had dinner and danced all night – together with Karl and Lilly of cause.

Click here to see a short video from the very beginning of the concert.