27 May

Ingelas Vals i A

In 2008 I wrote Ingela’s Valtz, in memory of my wife, Ingela Ellen Marianne Eidorff, and it has been a huge pleasure to play it around the world with different bands ever since.

I happen to know that this little happy waltz is being played in Denmark, Germany, USA and Canada, and now it can also be played on the other side of the globe

The Australian musician, composer and music activist, David De Santi, released the music collection, “Good Tunes Book – a collection of folk music from around the world”, together with his son, Samuel De Santi.

In this collection as one of the last tunes, you will Ingela’s Waltz noted next to, amongst others, Westphalia Waltz from Prince Edward’s Island, and the Scottish hit Dark Island.

Good Tunes BookDavid has earlier released music collections music from Australia and Italy, and in this new collection, he and his son are focussing on the rest of the world.

In this new and good looking music collection, which contains not less than 157 favorites, David and Samuel thanks Folkets Hus Spillefolk ( for use of their large music collection of Scandinavian music.

Finally a small hint for guitar players who want to work with Ingela’s Waltz in A major: It sounds great to play the tune in G major, with a capo on second fredge, which makes i A major, and that is actually how it was originally composed. Have fun!