31 Oct

julThe Danish trio Gangspil – Lydom, Bugge & Høirup are getting ready for our fourth and last tour in The US this year, and it will happen between November 28th and December 4th.

I myself will leave Denmark a few days early, to spend some time in Oregon with my good friend violinist Ruthie Dornfeld and her family, whom I have come to know well through the years. Ruthie and I go way back, all the way to the early 1980’s, when we started ACO (The American Café Orchestra) together, and toured in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland  and The US.

On November 28th, Kristian and Sonnich will be arriving in Seattle, and then our very first American Christmass tour can take its beginning.

Our little tour will start in Poulsbo Washington and end in Portland in Oregon, where the dear Scandies will flock to join the very popular Scandinavian Christmass fair, ScanFair 2018.

But first we will visit to the State of Washington, where we are performing and teaching in traditional Danish music and dance at Sons of Norway in Poulsbo, and to the city of Olympia, to perform at Traditions Café, and as far as I know, we will do a concert in Seattle as well.

While being on the road we will take a little detour to the North, to Canada, to share real Danish “julehygge” with the people at The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver where the Danish Pastor Birgitte Saltorp reigns.

But finally we will end this tour at the Scandinavian Christmass fair, ScanFair 2016, in Portland Oregon, with music and “julehygge” on December 3rd and 4th, befor we leave for Denmark on December 5th.

At ScanFair we do four concerts in a wonderful chaos of happy people in Christmass mood, and Scandinavian food specialities, such as meat balls, lutfish, apple fritters and medisterpølse (pronounced “meet-easter-pearls”), and lots of more or less homemade crafts.

I might add that our new album “Gangspil” (Capstan) containing traditional Danish music and singing, arranged for accordion, harmonica, fiddle, guitars and vocals, would make a very good Christmass present this year!

All in all I am pretty sure that Christmass mood will come to Frederiksberg, where I live, even earlier than normal this year. It would be rather strange if not!

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