25 Apr
Foto: Færøerne 2013
The Faroe Islands 2013

This summer from July 18th to July 23rd 2013, Himmerland return to Faroe Island with great pleasure. The band performed it’s first real concerts on Faroe Islands during the summer 2010, and now we are looking very much forward to show how much has happend to our music since then!

Summartónar 2013 is a festival for new music arranged by Felagið Føroysk Tónaskøld (Association of Faroese Composers), and held at venues and concert halls all over the islands.

The festival is running the whole summer from June 25th to August 17th 2013, and it introduces its audience to a large number of outstanding local composers and musicians, as well as quite a few names from outside the Faroe Islands.

This time Himmerland might be performing mostly in Tórshavn, the capitol of Faroe Islands, but also the island Nolsoy, and the G! Festival in Gøta, will be visited by the traveling quintet.

More info at: www.tutl.com