24 Mar
Aerialists is a fine young band that did release their first album in 2016, and one of the tunes on is ‘Bjørnekæden’!

During the years musicians and bands around the world has recorded and published some of my original compositions and tunes. One of them is ‘Bjørnekæden’ (The Bear’s Chain), that I composed many years ago, together with Sonnich Lydom, a tune that I myself has recorded with bands like American Café Orchestra, Haugaard & Høirup and Himmerland.

In 2000 the English band 422 did record and publish ‘Ringen/The Ring’, from my solo album Vingården (1998), and in 2004 another English band, Kerfuffle, published their cd K2, with an amazing version of the tittle tune from Vingården. Unfortunately Kerfuffle stopped playing in 2010.

The German band Frunhofer Saitenmusik published their album Dreizig (30) in 2007, and one of the tunes on that album is ‘Begravelsesmarch til en Kær Ven’, in German: ‘Dänische Trauermarch’. Just a few years before that, a band from Texas – I am afraid that I don’t remember their name – published their version of ‘Gæstebud/Feast’.

The band Pflantzplätz from Switzerland, and the German band Fiunferley, has both recorded fine versions of ‘Bjørnekæden’, the latst mentionen band on their album Rooted, and the Canadian band Celtara, has published ‘Bjørnekæden’ on their first album More Than One True Love, and ‘Gæstebud/Feast’ on their second album Until Morning Light.

In the late 80’s I wrote the two first parts of ‘Bjørnekæden’ in 7/8, and I played it for my friend and colleague, Sonnich Lydom, who went straight home and made up a third part for the next day. Another good friend and colleague, mandolin and guitar player, John McGann from Boston, Massachusetts, really liked ‘Bjørnekæden’. We were touring in Scandinavia with American Café Orchestra that crazy summer, and John suggested to spice the third part up a bit, by adding a small rhythmic twist. Many fine musicians and music students has been struggling with this little challenge ever since.

A German group, Fei Scho, has recorded ‘Gæstebud/Feast’ on their album Vom Landler zum Funk (2012), furthermore in 2013 the Finnish band Häävi published their debut album, containing amongst others a very nice version of ‘Bjørnekæden’, in Finland also known as ‘Danish 7/8’. During the same year, the Canadian band Thereafter from Vancouver BC did publish their pretty version of the same tune on their album Ceremony.

Lately, in 2015, the young American violinist, Adrianna Ciccone, introduced her debut album, produced by master musician Bruce Molsky, an album containing amongst others her interpretation of my tune, ‘Lys Polska’, which I myself did record and publish with the violin and guitar duo, Haugaard & Høirup, many years ago

In the very beginning of 2016, the Canadian band Aerialists came out with their very own version of ‘Bjørnekæden’, and now I can’t wait to see what will the next development.

I am of cause very happy that musicians and composers around the world want to use my music as part of their repertoire, it is always fun and interesting to hear other peoples interpretation of ons own compositions, and it feels just great that this way the music takes its own ways and finds a larger audience!

I do have most of my compositions as written music, also ‘Bjørnekæden’ – just let me know!