4 Apr

AustralienOne year has gone since Himmerland vent to Australia and New Zealand to tour for 22 days. This tour brought us to the National Folk Festival in Canberra, which was a wonderful experience. Ever since then we have worked on being able to return to Australia, and now it is happening. Himmerland has been invited to perform at FolkWorld Fairbridge Festival in the western part of Australia. In Fairbridge they describe Himmerland as “Adrenaline-infused Scandinavian roots music with an African heartbeat”. The festival is happening in the weekend 25th – 27th of April, which is in the Australian autumn when the temperature is down where it is good for out door activities. On our way to Fairbridge we will lperform at venues in the Sydney area, and once more at the National Folk Festival in in Canberra. We wil also do a couple concerts in Melbourne, so all in all we will appear at venues and festivals across Australia from the 17th to the 27th of April. We are very much looking forward to meet all of you, and to introduce you to some of the very new material that we are working on right now, and that we are going to record for our new album in May. You can read more about FolkWorld Fairbridge Festival at: and about National Folk Festival: