A legend comes to town!

8 May
Dwight “Red” Lamb playing his old two row G major accordion.

On the 18th of May 2017, I’ll be playing at Flensborghus in Flensborg, Northern Germany, as part of the folkBaltica Festival.

I am joining the Danish duo Jensen & Bugge (accordionist Mette Kathrine Jensen and violinist Kristian Bugge), and the old fiddle legend, Dwight Lamb.

The day after, on the 19th of May, we will be performing in the town hall of Ecernförde, and on May 20th, we play at Bartof Station in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

83 year old Dwight Lamb is a well known and very respected local fiddler from Onawa in Iowa.

But he is also specialized in traditional music from Vendsyssel in the Northern part of Denmark, where his grand father, Chris Jerup, grew up and lived as a well known musician, until he immigrated to the US, to settle down as a farmer, in the late 19th century. And this music Dwight exclusively learned to play on the accordion, by his grandfather.

“I think thats probably one of the biggest thrills of my life to get over to Denmark and meet all the people and see how they dance and how they enjoy folk music..”, says Dwight. “I really feel good that these old pieces that my grandfather played for so many years, are getting back over there and that you people are using them again. Because a lot of good tunes there!”

While Dwight is in Denmark, he will be appointed “Rigsspillemand” at an event taking place in the old Hofteater at Christiansborg on May 16th. More info at: www.rigsspillemand.dk

A few years ago, I recorded a live album at Højbystævnet on Funen, Denmark, together with Dwight and Jensen & Bugge, as well as the great trombone player, Anders ringgaard, but except for that, I have played only a few concerts with Dwight in Denmark.

folkBaltica will be our first festival as a band, and I am looking very much forward to that – it is an honor to play with Mr. Dwight Lamb.

Here you can se a funny video featuring Dwight and Jensen & Bugge, and here is another one with Dwight Lamb Orchestra at Højbystævnet 2013. Enjoy!