In the middle of a lovely summer featuring lots of Danish trad music

27 Jun
Jensen, Bugge & Høirup at Science Museum of Minnesota – it’s not often you see this many dinosaurus skeletons – not in Denmark anyway.

I am struggling a bit with my jetlag these days, and that is not my favorit thing to do, to be honest with you. Fortunately there is a reason for my condition, I just arrived in Copenhagen after two weeks of touring in the US Midwest, with the trio Jensen, Bugge & Høirup.

There we played a number of quite diverse concerts, partly as trio and partly with our two good friends and colleagues the 85 year old fiddler and two row accordion player Dwight ‘Red’ Lamb from Iowa, and the South Dakota fiddler Bill Peterson – both people that I respect a lot, and with whom I have performed several times.

The journey first went to the American-Scandinavian festival Nisswa-Stämman in the rich Minnesota, and then to a few quite diverse venues in South Dakota, and in the relative poor Iowa, including the ‘Danish’ town of Elkhorn. Those are the guys with the Danish windmill, known in Denmark from a couple of really funny TV shows about making Danish food in the US, created by the famous Danish chefs and brothers Adam and James Price.

Mette Kathrine in the green room with her 14 month old son Emil, sleeping while 85 year old Dwight is watching. There is about 15 minuts left before we go on stage to do a short set as part of longer concert with a lot of Scandinavian bands.


The trip turned out to be a inspiring mix of good meetings with new people, quite a number of concerts in venues, radio- and TV studios, and exciting experiences (like when one night my hosts and I met a huge black bear in their garden). And then of cause we had Mette Kathrine’s 14 month old son Emil with us, and that was pretty cosy, but also quite a challenge. A little fellow like Emil doesn’t necessary understand that mommy also has a job to answer for – and how does a band deal with that?f

Here is a video from our very first concert at Nisswa-Stämman in June 2019-

We returned to Copenhagen on June 18th, and now, as I mentioned, I am struggling to find back to my own circadian rhythm before I travel to Canada on July 9th, again with the Danish fiddler Kristian Bugge.

Scandinavian String Alliance is getting ready for a 3 weeks tour in Canada from Vancouver BC to Prins Edwards Island.

This time we will be touring with the pan Scandinavian trio Fru Skagerrak for 3 weeks on the Canadian West and East coast with our project Scandinavian String Alliance.

We will be visiting a number of venues and festivals in Canada, and I am looking forward to test our common repertoire, and it will also be interesting to spend so much time together for the first time.

We will visit quite a number of venues and festivals, and we are looking forward to test our very new common repertoire, as well as to discover how it is to spend this much time together for the very first time. Will it work as we have planned? How will our audience receive us? Will this be something that we will all wish to build on?

We will know much more about all this when we return home in the very end of July – right now I am just super busy rehearsing our new repertoire, and preparing yet another journey across the Atlantic Sea.