40 years of songs and music by father and son!

12 Mar
Father and son in 2017. The old Danish build Barslev guitar has been taken out and cleaned up.

As far as we remember (!) it was in 1977, when I was 16 years old, that I began playing in public with my father, Fin Alfred Larsen.

In the beginning I was a substitute in Den Røde Lue (The Red Hat) – my fathers busy and pretty left wing agitation as well as dance band, but I also did school concerts and so on, with Ejnar Kampp (Tingluti) amongst others.

Soon I became a regulary member of Fin Alfred’s wedding band, where I was lucky enough to learn the craft of a dance musician by and with local musicians like Hans Leonardo Pedersen (sax, clarinet, flutes), Ole Sterndorff (banjo), Anders Hofset (double bass) and many, many more.

Later we traveled around as duo and trio with Fin Alfred’s huge repertoire of labour songs, soldiers songs, love songs, joking songs and so on. In 2002 we won a Danish Music Award (Danish “Grammy”) for “Ballad Album of the Year”, which led to even more concerts around the country.

And to day 40 years later we still travel the roads of this beautiful old country, and we do it with great pleasure. We actually intend to continue until the day come when we prefer to sit by the fireplace, drinking port while talking about the good old days, and that won’t be anytime soon, i guarantee!

This is some of the places where we played during the years:

Tønder Festival, Ballerup Kræmmermarked, Nørrebro Festival, Eventyrenes Klub i Nyhavn, Godtfolk Festival på Fanø, Nørrebro Spilletræf, Ullerup Kræmmermarked, Copenhagen Folk Club, Visens Venner, Kirsebærhaven, Spøttrup Middelaldermarked, Halkær Festival, Kerteminde Havn, Dragør Festival, Arbejdermuseet, Land og Folk Festival, Amagermuseet, folkBaltica (D), Musik over Præstø Fjord, Hagge’s Musikpub, Skagen Festival, Bardentreffen Nürnberg (D) osv.

More info at: www.finalfred.dk