Dance in the Summer Night

The Vineyard plays for dancing at Music over Præstø Fjord

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May 13, 2023
by Morten Alfred Høirup

On August 4 at 20:45 Vingården (The Vineyard) plays for dancing Music over Præstø Fjord, a wonderful family festival with a lot of fantastic music from Denmark and the rest of the Nordic Countries. We will be playing in the festival's new dance tent, which has been given the name Dansetoppen (The Dance Top). The repertoire will be music that we have composed ourselves - we actually have several world premieres on the program that evening.

In this connection, we have also allied ourselves with a caller and dance designer Henrik from Stevns who dances along and gives good tips during the dance. Among the dance tunes you will find Ingela's Waltz (Waltz), Slottet (English dance), Lys Polska (Polska), Den 2. Russer (Russer), Spille Mett' (Bette Mett'), Høstfesten (Rheinländer polka), and many more. We are really looking forward to seeing the festival participants dance more or less well-known dances to brand new Danish music.

You can find a podcast about Music over Præstø Fjord here.

Morten Alfred & Vingården is a trio consisting of the classical saxophonist Charlotte Andersson, fiddler and violinist Kristian Bugge and guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup. We perform music that we write ourselves, and play both for concerts and folk dances.

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