With the old fiddler on tour around Denmark

September 20, 2017
by Morten Alfred Høirup

In 2017, my old father, singer and accordion player Fin Alfred, and I can celebrate that we have been playing music together for 40 years, and we are actually quite proud of that.

We have played all kinds of jobs, from weddings and confirmations to hawker markets and harbor parties.

In recent years, however, we have focused on show and folk music clubs and on folk festivals, and it has been quite fun, with visits e.g. in Eventyrernes Klub, Copenhagen Folk Club and at the Skagen Festival.

The other day we spent a lovely evening entertaining at the Musikforeningen Drauget in Hørve in North-West Zealand, and over the next few months the tour goes around the beautiful Danish autumn when we play in Copenhagen, Vejle, Stubbekøbing and Svendborg.

The repertoire consists of Fin's many new and old songs, songs that he has been collecting since he was very young, and about which he tells robber stories between songs.

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