Windros Orchestra 2018 – a musical meeting somewhere in Germany!

28 Mar

At Windros Festival I will perform with the festival orchestra in the 2018 edition, and I am bringing one or two tunes or songs. They might match the theme of the year, which is: “Weisen der Westsee“ (Melodies of the West Sea).

OK, this will be my first solo performance ever, ond I am looking forward, even if I know that I’ll have to prepare a lot.

The job is to do a 40 minuts solo performance at the small Windros Festival in Schwerin Muess, and then later a longer performance with the official festival orchestra “Windros Orchestra 2018”, which will be fun too, I’m sure.

The festival runs from the 5th to the 9th of September, and the Windros Orchestra will consist of musicians from Denmark, Germany, England and Scotland:

  • Gavin Marwick & Ruth Morris (SCO): Fiddles & Nyckeharpas
  • Simon Mayor & Hilary James (GB): Mandolins, Guitars, Fiddle, Mandobass, Vocals
  • Morten Alfred Høirup (DK): Guitar, Vocals
  • Michael „Wacki“ Waterstradt (D): Double Bass
  • Jan Budweis (D): Diatonic Accordeon
  • Wolfgang Meyering (D): Mandola, Mandolin, Perc. Vocals

The only one of these ladies and gentlemen that I have met before, is Wolfgang, who is also organizing the festival with some friends, except for him I know nobody. But that only ads to the excitement 🙂