Touring Denmark with the old man

22 Sep
My father, singer and accordion player Fin Alfred, and I enjoying the beautiful view on our way to a gig in Hørve, just before the weather went absolutely crazy!

This year my old man and I celebrates that we have been performing together for 40 years – in fact we are pretty proud of it!

We have been doing all sorts of concerts at weddings, flea markets and harbor festivals.

During the last few years we have focused on folk clubs and festivals, and that has been a lot of fun, leading to visits at venues like Copenhagen Folk Club and Skagen Festival.

Our show features Fin Alfred and his many songs that he has learned during a long life with music, and the stories about them.

Last week we spend a wonderful evening at the Music Society of Drauget in Hørve in the Northern part of Sealand, and the couple of months, we’ll be touring in the beautiful Danish fall, while performing in Copenhagen, Vejle, Stubbekøbing and Svendborg.

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