The secrets of the musicians – a journey through Danish folk music

28 Apr
It is not easy to find news about the Danish trad, roots and folk music scene on any public service medias. That is why we started our own radio station and media platform at Here you can both listen to live streaming, stream on demand , download podcasts, and find a home for your own podcasts, if they are about trad, folk, roots or related genres.

I am right now working on six podcasts under the common heading: “Spillefolkenes Hemmeligheder – en rejse i dansk folkemusik” (The secrets of the musicians – a journey through Danish folk music”.

These podcasts are made for an audience who are not experts of folk music, but interested whatsoever, and each episode will be about 20 minutes long.

The idea is to let people who are outstanding personalities on the Danish folk music scene be answering some of the questions that they might get from when speaking to people from outside the normal folk music environment, questions like:

“Where do the fiddlers find the old traditional tunes?”, “How do you start your own folk festival?”, “Who are the young people in Danish folk music, and what are they up to?”, “Do the old naughty songs still make people blush?”, “What kind of music did the vikings play 1000 years ago, and what are they playing now?”, “Can you still use the ancient old songs and ballads now a days, and how do you find them in the first place?”, and so on.

These podcasts are expected to be ready around May 1st, but it has still not been decided where or when it will be published. That you can get more info about on this Facebook page! Spillefolkenes Hemmeligheder is sponsored by Tempi – Roots Music of Denmark and The Danish Arts Foundation.

We are also planning seven episodes of the podcast Katten i Sækken (The Cat in the Bag) during the next few month. Katten i Sækken is all about what is happening on the Danish folk music scene right now, and these episodes are also being sponsored by Tempi – Roots Music of Denmark and the Danish Arts Foundation, and supported by Rosa – The Danish Rock Council.

Katten i Sækken, that I produce, will be free to download on once a month for the rest of 2018 – except for July where we are having a holiday break.

The May month edition can be listened to via this link!

On you can also stream and download the pervious 49 episodes of Katten i Sækken, plus a lot of other folk music podcasts in Danish.

You might also be interested in the podcast serie Folk Live, where you can stream and down load quite a few podcasts with Danish trad, folk and roots music, recorded at the Danish Tønder Festival and hosted in English.

By the way – you can also find all our podcasts on iTunes!