The new year starts with new music on the American west coast

3 Nov
Ruthie Dornfeld lives in Seattle WA and she has been playing the violin and the vielle for many years. The vielle is kind of the grand mother of the violin, with 5 strings made out of animal guts, and Ruthie has composed music and released several albums featuring the violin and the vielle. (Photo: Forrest Gibson)

During the days of 9th to 21st of January 2018, I’ll be going on tour on the American west coast together with my good friend an colleague through more than 25 years, composer and violinist Ruthie Dornfeld.

Through the years, Ruthie and I have been touring with – and composing for – the American Café Orchestra (ACO), in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the US, first with the Norwegian bass player Anders Hofset, and then with the Finnish bass player, flute player and jews harp player Tapani Varis.

In January 2018, Ruthie and I will be doing a few concerts just the two of us, featuring a unique repertoire of mainly tunes that we have composed our self, or compose along the way.

The tour will consist of a handful of exclusive venues and house concerts, with a special invited audience, and we’ll finish up with workshops and a concert at the small but progressive Bellingham Folk Festival.

At the festival we’ll be sharing the stage with quite a few fine songwriters, composers and musicians, including La Famille Léger, Queens Bluegrass, Margo Murphy & John Roberts og many more..

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