24 Jan
Bugge får hug!

Kristian is getting som beating by Sonnich during the concert at Copenhagen Folk Club

Now the Danish trio, Sonnich Lydom (accordion), Kristian Bugge (violin) and Morten Alfred Høirup (guitar) has yet new video for you. This live version of the two traditional Danih dance tunes, “Kontra Firtur” and “Wienerkvadrille”, was recorded at a new years concert at Copenhagen Folk Club on the 29th of December 2013. Click here to watch the video! You can get more info about the trio at


19 Dec
Jensen, Bugge & Høirup i Montmagny, fransk-canada 2013

Jensen, Bugge & Høirup in Montmagny, French Canada 2013

The year 2013 turned out to be a really exciting year with lots of unforgettable experiences and challenges, and everything is suggesting that 2014 will be at least as eventfull

The old year offered some very nice concerts at dozens of Danish and international venues and festivals, from Tórshavn Domkirke (cathedral) in the Faroe Islands, and the old movie theater in the small French – Canadian town, Montmagny, to Devonport Folk Club in the abandoned bunker on the local mountain, with a beautiful view over New Zealand’s Auckland by night.

Unfortunately, we lost the great old accordionist Thyspillemand Karl Skaarup in November, but he will not be forgotten. We got to celebrate his 85th anniversary as a musician in Vestervig Church in October, and he will continue to inspire all of us who have met him and played with him and listened to him!

The new year will offer plenty of music recordings and concerts in Denmark and abroad, with both the band Himmerland as well as with accordionist Mette Kathrine Jensen and violinist Kristian Bugge. In addition, the American Café Orchestra is meeting in Finland in late June to teach and play on Haapavesi Folk Festival, and Lydom, Bugge & Høirup will be traveling all over Denmark playing traditional Danish music.

During the year of 2014, I will travel in Denmark and Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy and Australia, and I ‘m already looking forward to meeting all of you. Have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year !

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11 Nov
Himmerland spiller koncert 2013

Himmerland performing 2013

Himmerland’s album “New Roots Music from Denmark” was just nominated for a Danish Music Award (Danish “Grammy”). We are hoping for the best, but we know very well that the competition is hard on the top. The Galla Award Show is going to be held on the 30th of November 2013. Meanwhile our preparation for the next album has already started, and it looks great already. Follow the band on

I have been so lucky recieve seven DMAs with my former duo, Haugaard & Høirup, one with my father, the tradition carrier Fin Alfred Larsen, and one DMA of honour in 2012. But it is still very exciting!


7 Nov
Lydom, Bugge & Høirup i Københavns gader 2013

Lydom, Bugge & Høirup in the streets of Copenhagen 2013

Sonnich Lydom (Harmonica and accordion), Kristian Bugge (Violin) og I are visiting the little Danish island Læsø which is situated in the very north of Denmark in Kattegat between Frederikshavn and Göteborg. We will perform our program of traditional Danish songs and tunes in the little yellow Østerby Kirke (Østerby Church).

It’s only our third concert together in this little trio, and I am very much looking forward to this – not only to play with the trio, men also to visit Læsø where I have never been before. This is one of the privileges that we have being traveling musicians: We get well around and we meet a lot of fantastic people and communities. Læsø has been on my wishlist for a long time, and I am sure that it would be a pretty good idea have a look at a couple of the famous Læsø tunes before the concert, don’t you think?

Click here to see Lydom, Bugge and Høirup performing a couple of good old Danish reels in the streets of Copenhagen, only interupted by a lady in pink who gets very happy.


7 Nov
American Café Orchestra 2012

American Café Orchestra 2012

American Café Orchestra is a trio featuring the unique musicianship of fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld (W.A., The US), and bass, flute and jaws harp player Tapani Varis (Finland), and then of course myself, guitarist and singer, Morten Alfred Høirup (Copenhagen, Denmark). The three of us has played together on and off for many years, the band has released four recordings with traditional music from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, The US, Venezuela, Hungary, Brazil and more, and in 2012, we recorded the album “Nightmare Polka”, with all new music composed by the three of us.

The band has toured in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and The US, and in late June 2014 we will meet in Finland to teach at the Haapavesi Summer School, and to perform at Haapavesi Folk Music Festivall in the provinse of Oulu in Ostrobothnia.


22 Oct
Himmerland 2013

Himmerland 2013

The Folk/World band, Himmerland, will be recording their second album in May 2014, this time with compositions by all the band members, plus a few traditional songs. Himmerland released their first album, “New Roots Music from Denmark” in August 2012, an album that has gotten very good reviews, especially outside Denmark.

The band has been traveling, presenting the album in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, South America, Canada, Austrlaia and new Zealand.

During the coming months everybody in the band will be working composing, arranging and rehearsing the music for the album. Then we will be ready to record and tour this new music in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Scotland and more. The album is expected to be released in the fall 2014.

Please go to Himmerland’s website to read more about the band and to watch videos from venues and festivals around the world. Go to:


7 Oct
Karl Skaarup i Vestervig Kirke omgivet af danske folkemusikere

Karl Skaarup surrounded by Danish folk musicians in Vestervig Kirke

Around 500 happy guests found their way to Vestervig Kirke (Vestervig Curch), the largest village church in the all Nordic countries, to pay their tribute to the Danish accordionist Karl Skaarup’s 85th anniversary as a traditional musician. Through out the afternoon the old master is celebrated with speaches, songs and music, directed by former radio host Alan Kligaard. Orchestras and musicians from all over Denmark join in to show their respect and to play with the old man, who himself add to the excitement by playing a few very touching solo tunes.

As an extra tribute the many guests performed Skaarup’s song “Lillys Vals” (Lilly’s Waltz) for Skaarup and his love. After this Karl expressed his apreciation, and many of the guests continued their journey to Hørdum Kro (Hørdum Inn), where the had dinner and danced all night – together with Karl and Lilly of cause.

Click here to see a short video from the very beginning of the concert.


4 Oct
Himmerland, Simon Høirup og The Shoreline Stay på Dexter i Odense

Himmerland, Simon Høirup and The Shoreline Stay at Dexter in Odense

On Saturday October 12th three pretty different Danish bands awill perform at Dexter’s in Odense. What do we have in common? Well, we all feature a guitar player from the Høirup family. Simon Høirup Band play blues-rock with the guitar player Simon Høirup in front, The shorline Stay plays a blend of singer-songwriter material and pop, featuring the guitar player Thomas Høirup, and Himmerland plays folk-world music with me playing the guitar!

See you there?

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29 Sep

Count Dracula is seducing poor Lucy Westenraa in Whitby, England

During the period 16th – 19th of Oktober, my band “Himmerland” will perform in England at a couple of folk clubs and an outstanding world music festival. The folk clubs are the Rivelin Folk Club in Sheffield og and the Hebden Bridge Trades Club i West York, the festival is the Musicport World Music Festival, “the biggest indoor world music festival in UK”.

Musicport World Music Festival is situated in the old whaling town Whitby on the English East coast. This was where the Danish vikings was ravaging many years ago, this is where Captain Cook was trained, and this is where Count Dracula went ashore when coming to England in the late 19th century, according to Bram Stoker legendary novel. I am reading this scary novel with my youngest son (12 Years) right now, and it’s all very exciting!

The festival was started in 2000, and is being financially supported by Arts Council England, and we can’t wait to go!

More info at: og på


22 Sep
Skaarup, Bugge & Høirup

Karl Skaarup, Kristian Bugge and myself 2013

On Saturday the 5th of October I was invited to join the celebration of Mr. Karl Skaarup’s 85th aniversary as a professional accordion player. The aniversary concert will take place in Vestervig Kirke in the very North of Jutland, not far from where Karl lives, and quite a number of musicians, including the old master himself, will take part in the celebrations.

During the last year or so, I have been so lucy to play a number of dances together with Karl Skaarup and the young fiddler Kristian Bugge, and I am very much looking forward to perform at this anniversary concert:

I do have a lot of respect for the old man and his knowledge of the traditional music of his area, and even though he will soon turn 90, he is still one musical power station, and playing with him is just amazing. He once told me how he played his first dance in 1928 when he was 4 years old, and how the dancers would sing along with him to support him and the melody of the local dance tunes. Karl Skaarup is a fantastic musician, he has played the accordion all his life, and I am sure he will play it until his very last moment.

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