28 Dec

L, B & H (Høj opløsning) (1)From 13th of January to 26th of January 2016, we’ll be touring in the Pacific North West with the trio Lydom, Bugge & Høirup. We do this to present our new album, Gangspil (Captan), which we did release in the late summer of 2015. This is an album which our audience, as well as the critics, seems to like, both in Denmark and internationally.

The Belgian magazine “La Canard” named the trio: ”Three great masters of Danish folk music.”, and the German “Folkmagazin” said: ”Let yourself entrain by this catchy and convincing music, and furthermore a beautiful bird song from Morten. A Super CD by the three cheery master musicians.”

In Denmark “Rootszone”, a local online magazine, stated that: ”Gangspil” is historical Danish folk music, interpreted kindly and with respect, into a contemporary context, and damn well done”.

Click here to see a video from the Danish Tønder Festival, where we did celebrate the new album by inviting everyone for coffee and Danish “schnaps”, while playing a few tunes from the album.

You’ll find our tour plan on this website, or by going to


30 Oct

Danish Music Awards - FolkJust as Jensen & Bugge + Høirup was about to start a small tour in Jutland, we get the news that our new album, “Slid din Tid” has been nominated for a Danish Music Award (Danish “Grammy”) in the category “Tradition Award”.

DMA 2015 is held on November 28th, and of course we think that it is just fantastic that our recording of the music composed by Borcher Madsen, a musician and composer from Nykøbing Falster, can thrill people now, 200 years after he was borni.

This is were you can meet our trio in November 2016:

1.11: Juelsminde (Private)
3.11: Gyngen, Århus
5.11: Hagges, Tønder
8.11: Vingsted Centret
27.11: Redsted Sognegård, Mors

More about Jensen & Bugga at:


30 Oct

SpillemandsprisenIt was a total surprize for me to recieve “Årets Spillemandspris” (Folk Musicians’ Award of the Year) at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival this August. Yes, I was at the festival, and I was joining the award ceremony, but that was only to cover the festival for our online radio station.

As I found out that the host were actually addressing me, I had to give my recorder to a colleague, and go on stage to recieve the award. Here is a quote of what the master of ceremony did say:

“For more than 20 years he has beeen here and there and all over the place. As a musician, he is eminent on his instrument, the guitar, and as a composer, he has written quite a number of tunes. He plays in a lot of bands, and tours all over the world. He is known and highly respected amongst musician colleagues and audience on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean – he conveys his music with warmth and humor – and he is a fantastic storyteller!”

Thank you for the kind words and for the award it self. I am sorry that I only got to take a photo at late night, but I was so busy producing radio. Thanks again I appreciate this very much!

On you can hear radio recorded and “broadcasted” during Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival.


7 Sep
Ruthie Dornfeld, Jamie Fox, Kristian Bugge, Sonnich Lydom & Morten Alfred Høirup, af Martha Leveson

Ruthie Dornfeld, kamie Fox, Kristian Bugge, Sonnich Lydom & Morten Alfred Høirup, by Martha Leveson

During June 28th to July 5th 2015, I performed at Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, which is taking place every year at the old military center, Fort Worden in Port Townsend, in the State of Washington, on the American West Coast.

It was a very nice experience with a lot of workshops, music, dance, and a hole lot of concerts for thousands of people, with the Danish trio Lydom, Bugge & Høirup, who are right now celebrating their first album together, and with my old friend and colleague, violinist and vielle player, Ruthie Dornfeld, who lives in Seattle, and who is respected as one of the local stars, at the festival.

Here is a link to a video from the festival, featuring Lydom, Bugge & Høirup.

Amongst the more established names we met ver fine, and also awsome people like Rodney Miller & Sandy Bradley, Bruce Green & John Haywood, lisa Ornstein, André Marchand & Normand Miron, Jamie Fox and many, many more..

All in all a wonderful and, by the way, very hot week, at one of hte most inspiring and well arranged festival, that I have been at, with this very special mix of workshops, jamsessions, dance and concerts.

In the festival program I am mentioned as “One of the world’s most respected rhythm guitarists”, and even though this is probably quite an exaggeration, it is great to perform at a festival who describe you with a certain enthusiasm!

By the way: one of the big hits at the festival was “Ingela’s Waltz”, that I wrote in 2008. It was good fun to experience it being played for dancing one evening by a team of about 35 students, and to see how well it was recieved by the dancers, musicins and by the audience. Thank you to all who were involved, for giving me that great experience. I hope that I will have more of those during the coming years 🙂


11 Jul

Slid Din Tid, album coverFinally it came, Jensen & Bugge + Høirup’s new album featuring compositions by “Music director” Borcher Madsen, who was born in July 1815, in Væggerløse, and who lived and worked for many years in Nykøbing F. The name of the album is “Slid din tid”, called after one of Madsen’s compositions, and it can be purchased from the online shops or We garanty for the honesty of both web shops.

During the coming months we will be playing quite a few gigs featuring the material of Mr. Borcher Madsen, and that we think is probably the best way of celebrate the 200 anniversary of the old master. Kristian Bugge tells

“We played both concerts, dances and workshops at the Borcher Madsen Festival at Lolland in June, and that’s when we celebrated our new album with a full house at Marielyst Højskole. Apart from that, we are going to do quite a few concerts and dances at Højbystævnet at Funen, Marefestival in Ansager, Gyngen in Århus, and Hagges in Tønder, during the next few months.”

Are you interested in booking Jensen & Bugge + Høirup for concert or dance, the just contact me at:

Here is a link to a video from Mariehaven where we played not long ago!


8 Jul
Foto: Henrik Jansberg

Photo: Henrik Jansberg

Our debut album, Gangspil (Capstan) was just released in The US. It happend in during our stay at the amazing “Festival of American Fiddle Tunes” in Port Townsend, W.A. We also performed a couple of direct concerts at and

We expect gangspil to be released in Denmark in the late summer of 2015, and we are very much looking forward to introduce the album, which is all about revitalizing some of the many fantastic traditional Danish tunes and songs, that can be found in the old archives, and amongst the oldler folk musicians in Denmark and abroad.

Keep an eye on and, here you can see when Gangspil is being released in Danmark!

More info about Lydom, Bugge & Høirup at:, or at


17 May
Musikdirektør Borcher Madsen

Musikdirektør Borcher Madsen

Borcher Madsen would have turned 200 years in 2015, and that’s worth celebrating!

Borcher Madsens name are often found in the old musicians music collections. He was born in Væggeløse at Falster in Denmark in 1815. He was son of a cooperage and musician namedMads Rasmussen, and he became one of Falster’s best musicians and luxuriant dance composers.

Borcher Madsen already started to play when he was a kid, and he became assisting teacher in Bøtø, but when the priest asked him to choose between taking his final examine and stay at the school, or to study the violin, his destiny was settled. Borcher Madsen moved to Nykøbing Falster and lived in Glahnstræde. He had quite a few students, and he was still playing in the age of 80. Borcher Madsen died in 1897.

The trio JENSEN & BUGGE + HØIRUP has been working for quite some time with the from Borcher Madsen’s repertoire, and during the Borcher Madsen Festival during 18th – 21st of June 2015, they will release the album “”Slid din tid”, containing the music of Borcher Madsens. At the same time they release a music collection with the known compositions of Borcher Madsen. More info at:


15 Apr

mahIn good understanding with the band, I am leaving the Himmerland, after 5 years of travelling and adventours around the world.

I wish Himmerland all the best, and I am looking forward to play a few final concerts with the band at Halkær Festival, on Ålands Islands and on Faroe Islands in July.

I will of course continue my musical life in many other constellations, I am releasing a couple of albums with different people during this summer, and I am, by the way, looking forward to get a little more time to compose some new music.

And now spring is here!


19 Mar
Koncert i Fort Warden State Park

Concert in Fort Warden State Park

Lydom, Bugge & Høirup is going to go to the Wild West this summer, to teach at The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes. Here is how the festival introduces it self:

“Each year, Centrum’s Festival of American Fiddle Tunes welcomes hundreds of players of traditional American music to Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, Washington, for a full week of immersion workshops, band labs, tutorials, open jams, parties, and spontaneous gatherings.”

In the very beginning of July 2015, Sonnich Lydom (accordion, harmonica), Kristian Bugge (violin) and I will be going there to teach traditional Danish music. There we will meet people like the Seattle based fiddler, Ruthie Dornfeld, and Métis fiddler Jamie Fox, from Montana, plus a few other good colleagues, and we are already looking so much forward to introduce our brand new album for everybody there. Keep an eye on the trio at:

Here is, by the way, a link to a video featuring Lydom, Bugge & Høirup.


25 Jan
Adrianna Ciccone 2015

Adrianna Ciccone, Boston 2015

During the lastest 10 or 15 years, musicians from around the world has recorded music that I have composed. We are talking about bands from Scotland (Vingården), England (The Ring, Vingården), Finland (Danish 7/8), Germany (Begravelsesmarch til en Kær Ven) and Switzerland (Bjørnekæden). I feel very humble about this, and proud at the same time.

Reasonly the band Beyond the Pale from Texas has recorded ‘Gæstebud/Feast’ for their album ‘The Music Plays Me’, and the Canadian group Celtara has recorded ‘Bjørnekæden’ for their album ‘Until the Morning Light’. Also the German band Fei Scho recorded ‘Gæstebud/Feast’ on the album ‘Vom Landler zum Funk’ in 2012, and another German band, Fiunferley, just recorded ‘Bjørnekæden’ on their brand new album “Rooted”.

Some of the latest bands to record Høirup’s music, is the Finnish band Häävi that did releas their debut album in 2013, on which they perform a very nice version of ‘Gæstebud/Feast’, and the Canadaian band Thereafter from Vancouver BC, who did record their own beautiful version of ‘Bjørnekæden’, for their debut album, Ceremony, which came out in the spring 2013.

In 2015 the young American fiddler, Adrianna Ciccorone, released her debut album, produced by Bruce Molsky. The album contain the tune “Lys Polska”, that I composed and recorded with Harald Haugaard long time ago.

The latest recording is by the young Canadian band Aerialists who recorded their own version of ‘Bjørnekæden’, and I am so much looking forward to see what’s next.

I am of course very happy that bands around the world can use my compositions, it’s great to hear their way of doing the tunes, and wondeful when the music goes it’s own way, and meets a new and larger audience. Thank you!

Get more info about Adrianna her!