Two early spring concerts!

27 Mar

Kristian Bugge, Jamie Fox & Morten Alfred spring 2018

I am looking forwards these days to a couple of rare concerts with good friends and colleagues, the Native American Métis fiddler, Jamie Fox, and the traditional Danish fiddler, Kristian Bugge.

In May 2017 we toured in the US, performing a few concerts at NorthWest FolkLife in Seattle (Washington, and at a few venues in Vancouver (Brittish Columbia), Missoula (Montana) and New York City.

Since then we have been doing a handful of dances and concerts in, amongst others, the Danish cities of Roskilde, Farum and Odense, where we have enjoyed playing for a lot of music enthusiasts.

And we are continuing the concerts in Denmark, first in Musikhuset Aarhus, on Sunday April 1st at 3:00pm, and then in Gaard Bageriet at Mors on Sunday April 22nd at 2:30.

The music is a blend of traditional Danish dance tunes, and tunes from the Métis fiddle tradition, “spiced up” with a couple of old Danish songs, and what ever we might decide on the spot, including a few stories about the many strong personalities that we have met on our tours.

I hope that you will enjoy this short teaser. We are playing a bit of the Métis tune “Sitting Bull”, that Jamie taught us.

Out of control on the American west coast

3 Feb

I got a real nasty virus infection when I arrived to Seattle to play a duo tour with my good friend and colleague through many years, violinist Ruthie Dornfeld. On this picture I am posing with some of the medicine that we bought, hoping that it would help me completing the tour – but unfortunately it didn’t do the job.

It happens very rarely that I have to cancel concerts, especially when I am on tour on the other site of the globe, but it just happened when I was touring with violinist Ruthie Dornfeld on the American west coast in the beginning of 2018.

After the first couple of concerts it became obvious that I was infected with some nasty American virus, and after another couple of concerts on painkillers and rum toddies, we had to cancel a house concert in Seattle as well as a concert and a workshop at Bellingham Folk Festival.

We were of cause sad about that, but fortunately – before I got really sick – we got to arrange and rehearse a very different and well functioning repertoire of music, music that we also got to test at a handful of very cozy concerts for happy people of all ages.

That we are SO happy about, and we can’t wait until the next time we will meet and play music together.

Here is a small pirate video recorded one evening at The Honeymoon Mead & Cidery in Bellingham, by Jan Peters.

The tune is called Copenhagen Hoedown, it was composed by Ruthie Dornfeld and by the Finnish bass and jews harp player Tapani Varis, and recorded on ACO’s album “Nightmare Polka” from 2012.

The video was recorded in the beginning of the tour, and at this point I am only slightly ill, and keeping it going on a blend of hot mead and tea with milk and honey 🙂

Jensen, Bugge & Høirup – a new trio on the international folk and world music scene

28 Dec

OK, now it’s official! After a long time of playing as a guest with the Danish Duo Jensen & Bugge, we have finally decided to join forces for good, and start the trio Jensen, Bugge & Høirup.

We do play a mix of traditional Danish msuic, and music that we compose ourself, and we play both concerts for a seated and listening audience, and for a dancing audience.

During the late summer of 2017, we played for a lot of happy dancers in the old dance barn (Danseladen) at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival. We had the whole session recorded and filmed, and in the video above this text, you can watch a clip from a wonderful evening with dancing and a great atmosphere.

We are playing a set of tunes from the little island Fanø, just west of Jutland, down south. The first tune Kristian composed while staying in Sønderho, the smallest and most southern of the two villages on the island, and the second one is the old sønderhoning, Lars Brinch’s Stykke.

You can follow our trio on our new website, and on our Facebook page

The new year starts with new music on the American west coast

3 Nov

Ruthie Dornfeld lives in Seattle WA and she has been playing the violin and the vielle for many years. The vielle is kind of the grand mother of the violin, with 5 strings made out of animal guts, and Ruthie has composed music and released several albums featuring the violin and the vielle. (Photo: Forrest Gibson)

During the days of 9th to 21st of January 2018, I’ll be going on tour on the American west coast together with my good friend an colleague through more than 25 years, composer and violinist Ruthie Dornfeld.

Through the years, Ruthie and I have been touring with – and composing for – the American Café Orchestra (ACO), in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the US, first with the Norwegian bass player Anders Hofset, and then with the Finnish bass player, flute player and jews harp player Tapani Varis.

In January 2018, Ruthie and I will be doing a few concerts just the two of us, featuring a unique repertoire of mainly tunes that we have composed our self, or compose along the way.

The tour will consist of a handful of exclusive venues and house concerts, with a special invited audience, and we’ll finish up with workshops and a concert at the small but progressive Bellingham Folk Festival.

At the festival we’ll be sharing the stage with quite a few fine songwriters, composers and musicians, including La Famille Léger, Queens Bluegrass, Margo Murphy & John Roberts og many more..

Tickets and more info:

About Ruthie Dornfeld:

Touring Denmark with the old man!

22 Sep

My father, singer and accordion player Fin Alfred, and I enjoying the beautiful view on our way to a gig in Hørve, just before the weather went absolutely crazy!

This year my old man and I celebrates that we have been performing together for 40 years – in fact we are pretty proud of it!

We have been doing all sorts of concerts at weddings, flea markets and harbor festivals.

During the last few years we have focused on folk clubs and festivals, and that has been a lot of fun, leading to visits at venues like Copenhagen Folk Club and Skagen Festival.

Our show features Fin Alfred and his many songs that he has learned during a long life with music, and the stories about them.

Last week we spend a wonderful evening at the Music Society of Drauget in Hørve in the Northern part of Sealand, and the couple of months, we’ll be touring in the beautiful Danish fall, while performing in Copenhagen, Vejle, Stubbekøbing and Svendborg.

Check out the venues in my calendar on this website, or at

Island hopping in the Atlantic Ocean!

21 Jul

One early morning a bit outside the village of Hattavik (in the background, at Fugloy, Faroe Islands. It is raining but it is a lovely day, and the sea is calm.

Well home after a fantastic tour on the Faroe Islands, with lots of music, sun, sailing, whisky and dried fish, I find it difficult not to cheer. What a tour, what a beautiful nature, og what wonderful people.

We performed many places, amongst them the islands of Mykines, Fugloy and Nolsoy, and we had a great tour.

At the same time we managed to arrange and rehearse a lot of traditional as well as original music, and got inspired by, amongst others, the Danish baritone sax duo Charlotte Andersson and Jeanette Balland, and the Russian-Faroese duo Vera Kondrateva on vocals and jews harps, and Kristian Blak on piano.

Now we’ll see what these exciting meetings might lead to, one thing is for sure: You will hear some quite new music when Jensen & Bugge + Høirup perform their dance concert in Danseladen at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival on Friday August 11th from 9:30pm to 22:45pm

This concert is focused on music arranged for dancing as well as concert, and we’ll record it all on video.

We hope to se you there!

Get more info at the festivals website: 

Amongst bird cliffs and sea puffins!

7 Jul

“Mykinesbygden” is the name of the only village on Mykines. The population of the island is only 19 individuals, but during the summer, tourists are flocking to enjoy the unique nature there.

During the days 9th to 16th of July 2017, Jensen & Bugge + Høirup will be touring Faroe Islands.

We will be performing a number of shows in connection with the local folk festival “Fólkatónleikastevnan”, which will be “traveling” around the islands.

We will be visiting the small enchanted island of Mykines, and Fugloy, another small island.

We will also perform at Nordens Hus (The Nordic House), and at restaurant Kvonn, both in Tórshavn, the capitol of the islands. Then we finish up at G! Festival in Göta, where the wonderful Faroese singer, Eivør, was born.

I have been to Faroe Islands quite a few times during the years, and it has always been a fantastic experience to visit. First time I was there was in the middle of the nineties, and later I visited the islands once with the violin and guitar duo, Haugaard & Høirup, and several times with the folk-world music band Himmerland.

I love Faroe Islands. There you’ll meet the most lovely people, a wonderful nature, an absolute fabulous food tradition, and an exciting cultural life all in all – and further more I find that Tórshavn serve the best fish ‘n chips in the world!

You’ll find a video from Faroe Islands here! The music on this video is made by Eivør!

Prestigeous award for Mr. Dwight Lamb!

5 Jul

In May 2017, I played a few concerts in Denmark and Germany with the Danish duo Jensen & Bugge, and the great 83 years old American fiddler and accordion player, Dwight Lamb from Onowa, Iowa.

On June 20th 2017 it was made public that Dwight is receiving the prestigious Bess Lomax Hawes National Heritage Fellowship. This is, as I understand it, the finest prize that is given to “Master Folk and Traditional Artists” in the US.

Dwight Lamb has played and communicated the American as well as the Danish traditional music for his whole life, and it is wonderful that this is being recognized, and that once again he is awarded for his huge effort!

You can hear a few tunes from one of our concerts at folkBaltica Festival in Flensborg via this link:

You can read Sioux City Journal’s article about Dwight Lamb Here!

A summer in the world of music!

8 Jun

A quick selfie of violinist Kristian Bugge and my self, fully occupied by instructing and playing for a “Scandinavian Dance”, at Armory Court Stage, on the 46. NorthWest FolkLife Festival in Seattle.

How wonderful it was to return home to frederiksberg, Copenhagen, after 10 good days on tour in the US, from the peaceful West, over the prairie land in the North, to the vibrant East.

On this tour I performed with the Danish fiddler Kristian Bugge and, for some of the concerts, also with American metis fiddler Jamie Fox.

That was a lot of fun, we performed at the huge NorthWest FolkLife Festival down town Seattle, we visited the reservation of Fort Belknap in Montana, and we played a bunch of traditional music plus some Danish songs, at the wonderful Grundlovsdag celebration (The Danish Constitutional Day), organized by the people from The Danish Home, about an our from New York City.

After four years of touring, I have stopped playing in the trio Gangspil. Gangspil is quite a busy band that dig deep into – and promote – Danish traditional music, and after more than 5o concerts in USA in 2016, I just need to spend some time on writing and working on my own music.

And speaking about folk music summer: I will be touring on Faroe Islands in July with Kristian Bugge and Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk, and there we will be working with the dance and concert repertoire, that we will be video recording at Musik over Præstø Fjord on Friday August 11th 2017.

I really look forward to a lovely summer in the world of music!

North West Folk Life – celebrating cultural diversity!

20 May

NorthWest FolkLife is happening in the center of Seattle, under the 55 years old and 184 meter tall tower and landmark, Space Needle.

During the days of 26th to 29th of May, I’ll be visiting the huge NorthWest FolkLife Festival in Seattle Washington, on the American West coast – one of the largest folk- and world music festivals in the world.

The festival is celebrating the cultural diversity of the Pacific NorthWest, and draws a huge crowd of up to 250.000 people, who experience and interact with about 5.000 artists from 5 neighboring states.

The 46th edition of NorthWest FolkLife Festival is happening in the center of Seattle, just under the famous observation tower, The Space Needle, from 1962, a land mark of the Pasific NorthWest. The people behind the festival writes on the festivals’ website that:

“The Northwest Folklife Festival is the place to learn, to dance, to play, to try something new, and to discover arts and cultures that inspire celebration of one another and our big neighborhood. From yodeling to beatboxing, square dancing to Bollywood, – the Northwest Folklife Festival celebrates the global traditions of local, independent artists.”

I love this festival, and I have performed at the festival with the Danish fiddler Harald Haugaard (Haugaard & Høirup), and with my old friend, the great American fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld (American Café Orchestra), who actually lives in Seattle.

But this year I am in a very special situation, I am going to perform at the festival with the awarded Danish fiddler Kristian Bugge. We have played as a duo before, but this is the first time that we play just the two of us outside Denmark, and I am very much looking forward to play our special blend of traditional and new Danish music as a duo, but also sometimes assisted by Ruthie Dornfeld, and by Kristians wife, the American Métis fiddler Jamie Fox.

Get more info at, and see a 10 minutes video about the festival here!