Morten Alfred & Vingården

New music grown, harvested and refined at our musical Vineyard

Morten Alfred & Vingården (The Vineyard) features music composed by Morten Alfred Høirup, and processed and refined by a team of powerfull performers from the Danish music scene. The music is a mix of melodies matured on the Danish and international folk music scene, as well as new fresh compositions that are now meeting the world for the first time.

Morten Alfred & Vingården is, beside Morten Alfred himself, the traditional Danish fiddler Kristian Bugge, and the classical saxophonist Charlotte Andersson. The three of them did release the EP Druer/Grapes in march 2023.

The music was written for listening as well as dancing, and the songs are about everyday life and its ups and downs. The melodies has more or less well known titles, such as Ingelas vals (Ingela’s Waltz), Vingården (The Vineyard), Lys Polsk (Light Polska), Slottet (The Castle), Fiolen Fat (Grab the Fiddle), Huset ved Havet (The House by the Sea), Mit Orkester (My Orchestra), Vejen Hjem (The Journey Home), Vejen jeg går (The Road that I am Walking) og Høstfesten (The Harvest Party).

Morten Alfred has been composing ever since he was a kid, and has received a Danish Music Award (The Danish ‘Grammy’) in the category Danish Folk Composer of the Year, amongst others. He published the music collection Ingela’s Waltz – 25 New Danish Folk Melodies, which includes chords and stories about a long life traveling with folk music, in the spring of 2022.

Charlotte Andersson: Saxophones, vocals An educated saxophone player, singer and organist, Charlotte has performed with Det Kgl. Kapel (The Royal Danish Orchestra) and in the Opera in Malmö, Sweden. She has toured playing Baroque music and new classical music in the Nordic countries, Great Britain, the USA and South Korea. She is a founding member of Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet, with whom she received DR’s P2 Award (Danish Broadcasting Association) for best chamber music recording in 2003. Andersson is known for her work in the trio Petri- Fischer-Andersson (with recorder player Michala Petri and jazz guitarist Jacob Fischer), and with composer and jazz pianist Thomas Clausen.
Kristian Bugge: Fiddle, vocals Appointed a member of Danmarks Rigsspillemænd, an exclusive association of musicians who excel in traditional Danish music, Kristian Bugge has received many awards, including DR’s Radium award in 2004 (Danish Broadcasting Association), and a Danish Music Award (Danish ‘Grammy’) as Danish Folk Instrumentalist of the Year 2016. He tours internationally, especially in the US with the accordion/fiddle duos Gangspil and Jensen & Bugge, and performs with the fiddle/piano trio Jagdselskabet, Baltic Crossing and the folk big band Habadekuk.
Morten Alfred Høirup: Guitar, harmonika, vocals From his beginnings as the youngest member of his father’s wedding band, Morten Alfred has since become an integral part of the Danish and international folk music scene. For about four decades he has toured around the world with traditional and contemporary Danish music. Well known for his work with the violin/guitar duo Haugaard & Høirup (1998 – 2008), the folk/world ensemble Himmerland and the Danish/Finnish/US trio American Café Orchestra (ACO), he has also received a number of Danish Music Awards (Danish ‘Grammy’), including Danish Folk Music Composer in 2004, and an Award of Traditions in 2016.