7 Dec

radiofolk-dkI have worked with radio and media ever since the early eighties, especially featuring the Danish and International Roots, Folk & Trad music scene.

First I worked for many years at Danmarks Radio (The Danish Broadcasting Assosiation) as a freelancer, then at Den 2. Radio (den2radio)

During the last three years I have been an editor, producer, presenter and dj at, a small online radio station with lots of Roots and Folk, Blues, Song-writer and World Music from Denmark.

At you can listen to programs like Katten i Sækken (The Cat in the Bag), introducing news from the Danish folk music scene, Tonesproget, news from the world of the Danish song-writers, Kompas, music from the Danish World Music scene, Blues on Demand, with news from the Danish Blues scene, and Folk Live, with Live recordings of Danish bands – often hosted in English!

These programs are hosted in Danish or English by changing hostes, very often musicians and composers from the Danish music scene.

Another very popular program is What’s Cooking Folks?, a show where musicians from Denmark and beyond present Cd’s and tell about what is happening in the country or area from where they come.

The hostes are, amongst others, the Finnish multi instrumentalist Arto Järvelä, the Swedish violinist Anna Lindblad, the Danish violinist Kristian Bugge, Native American fiddler Jamie Fox, and French-Canadian fiddler David Boulanger.

I love doing radio, it’s is a great way to tell the stories of the music scene, and I have been doing this in more than 30 years.

You can stream these programs live or on demand, as well as podcasting at: