Island hopping in the Atlantic Ocean

21 Jul
One early morning a bit outside the village of Hattavik (in the background, at Fugloy, Faroe Islands. It is raining but it is a lovely day, and the sea is calm.

Well home after a fantastic tour on the Faroe Islands, with lots of music, sun, sailing, whisky and dried fish, I find it difficult not to cheer. What a tour, what a beautiful nature, og what wonderful people.

We performed many places, amongst them the islands of Mykines, Fugloy and Nolsoy, and we had a great tour.

At the same time we managed to arrange and rehearse a lot of traditional as well as original music, and got inspired by, amongst others, the Danish baritone sax duo Charlotte Andersson and Jeanette Balland, and the Russian-Faroese duo Vera Kondrateva on vocals and jews harps, and Kristian Blak on piano.

Now we’ll see what these exciting meetings might lead to, one thing is for sure: You will hear some quite new music when Jensen & Bugge + Høirup perform their dance concert in Danseladen at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival on Friday August 11th from 9:30pm to 22:45pm

This concert is focused on music arranged for dancing as well as concert, and we’ll record it all on video.

We hope to se you there!

Get more info at the festivals website: