27 Jun
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Three tired musicians on a little trip to the Pasific Ocean, before we return to Denmark and the long bright nights, to celebrate midsummer in pouring rain and dramatic thunder storms. Photo: Jamie Fox

“If I had wings, I would fly home with you, to the bright nights, please bring them all my greetings!” – From Hils fra mig derhjemme, a Danish emigrant song from 1922.

We just returned from our second tour in the US. This time we did 14 concerts in the States of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Oregon

Our trio, Lydom, Bugge & Høirup, are promoting our new album, Gangspil (Capstan, ande a few of our concerts was streamed on the internet, we were interviewed on a couple of radio stations, as well as promoted on a few news papers.

Our take on the traditional music of our home land was in fact received well by an enthusiastic audience, of whom quite a few had Scandinavian roots.

Particularly inspiring was the visiting at Nisswa-Stämman in Nisswa, Minnesota, and the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, Astoria Oregon.

On both festivals the focus was on the music as a time machine and a unifying force. Children, youngsters and adults united in the dance and music, while given ample opportunity to speak about from where we come as emigrants, about who we are and what we have in common.

A particularly good talking point was our version of the old emigrants song, Hils fra mig derhjemme (Greetings from me at home), that I sing using it’s original lyrics.

A lot of Americans with Scandinavian roots has either a close relation to this song, or they remember their parents or grand parents sing it with quiet voices and serious looking faces.

From our version of the song many was taken with surprise that the song is actually Danish, and was sung the first time at Tivoli in 1922. The song about the Danish sailor, far from home, who is afraid of loosing connection to his people in the old land, hits directly into the heart of any emigrant, him or her being from Denmark, Syria or Iraq.

The talks after the concerts was many and rich, and thy were a lot about the old land, about the ones who left home, and about the concern for the ones who stayed home.

Sonnich Lydom (Two row accordion and harmonica), Kristian Bugge (Violin) og I myself will be returning to the US in the end of September, to perform at a huge emigrant festival called “Norsk Høstfest, in Minot, North Dakota.

Here you will see about 80.000 people meet for about 5 days to celebrate their Scandinavian roots with a astonishing mix of music, dancing, traditional cooking, porcelain painting, cruises, knitting clubs, and much more.

You can get much more info about Lydom, Bugge & Høirup listen to the music and watch the videos at www.trad.dk and www.facebook.com/traddk