2 Sep

Himmerland CD PRNow it’s here, the new album, “Himmerland – New Roots Music from Denmark”

The music was composed by Ditte Fromseier (Violin, vocals), Eskil Romme (Saxophone, vocals), Andrzej Krejniuk (Electric bass, vocals), Ayi Solomon (Percussion, vocals) and me. Aditionally the bands recorded a few old Danish songs and a traditional ballad from the medeival times, all in new arrangements.

HimmerlandTourIn August the band presented the album for the audience at four festivals in four countries in only eight days. It’s was an amazing tour that brought us to Tønder Festival (Denmark), Alkantara Festival (Sicily, Italy), Koktebel Jazz Festival (Ukraine) and Urozhai Internatiional Festival (Moscow, Russia). Later in 2012 we brought the new album to Chile, Skotland and Greece. More info: www.himmerland.it.

Check the band on Youtube.com: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lwpc3F7IUCs