8 Nov

dmaHey, Gangspil was just nominated for a Danish Music Award (Danish “Grammy”) in the category “Traditionsprisen 2016” (Traditional 2016), and of cause we are very happy about that.

One of the reasons that we are happy is that all the nominated are very good and well respected musicians and bands, so in that way we kind of feel that we already won a little, just to be part of this nomination.

The winner of the “Traditional Music” category will be revealed at the great galla party in Tønder Kulturhus on November 26th, and that’s also when we find out who will receive the prize in the category “Årets Musiker/Instrumentalist 2016” (Folk Musician/Instrumentalist of the Year 2016), were as well Kristian, Sonnich and I myself has been nominated, in direct competition with each other, as well as two other great musicians from the Danish folk scene.

This is going to be super fun, and we consider this a great tribute to our debut album, as well as our project about presenting this great Danish music in The US, which we have worked so hard on doing the last couple of years.

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