Summer in Denmark

6 Jul
Visiting the Danish Vest coast, here posing with the little but beautiful Hirtshals Lighthouse in the background.

Finally it is summer, the nights are long and light and people has started leaving the cities to enjoy their summer holidays at the countryside.

A couple of days ago our little folk music trio, Jensen, Bugge & Høirup, handed over a video to the people behind the Finnish Kaustinen Folk Festival. This year their festival will be partly virtuel , and we are happy to see that organizers around the world finds alternative ways to present their festivals, in stead of cancelling one more year. And they are ready to pay for these unique video recordings. Fantastic!

Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk, Kristian Bugge and me myself performing at Nordic Folk Festival at Livø in the beginning of July. That was a party – and the rain was pouring down for hours and hours!.

The day after we recorded video material for the people behind Kaustinen Folk Festival, we performed at the new little Nordic Folk Festival. This was happening on the small island of Livø in Limfjorden, in the very north of Jutland. Despite hour long cloud bursts we had a great time. It was wonderful to ‘max it out’ in front of a real live audience, listening and dancing as they were. Thank you so much!

In July and August we will be playing at Den Fynske Landsby, an open-air-museum with houses from the 19th century. Here we will be singing song and playing music from that time, but we will also be showing how we are inspired by this music when we compose our own music in the 21. century.

Right now my favorit guitar, my Willam ‘Grit’ Laskin, is being worked on. It is being adjusted, getting new fredges and tuners. This is just great cause that means that it will be fit for fight when I perform a Cd release concert together with Danish singer Mia Guldhammer at Musik over Præstø Festival on my 60th birthday, on August 6th.

This is Solle from Copenhagen Guitars. He is one more time working hard on fixing my old guitar, getting it ready for yet another busy season .

On this occasion we will release our debut album, Tral, Tråd & Traditioner, which we have been working on since sometime last year. The album contains 10 Danish songs and 2 new tunes, performed by us as a duo, as well as by us with good guests from Denmark and Finland. We are so much looking forward to this! .

But right now it is time to enjoy the summer, and that is exactly what I am doing. The weather is typical for a Danish summer. My two sons are happy, and I am happy that we now can start to get around in Denmark playing our music. I am looking forward to meet you during the summer!