17 May
Musikdirektør Borcher Madsen
Musikdirektør Borcher Madsen

Borcher Madsen would have turned 200 years in 2015, and that’s worth celebrating!

Borcher Madsens name are often found in the old musicians music collections. He was born in Væggeløse at Falster in Denmark in 1815. He was son of a cooperage and musician namedMads Rasmussen, and he became one of Falster’s best musicians and luxuriant dance composers.

Borcher Madsen already started to play when he was a kid, and he became assisting teacher in Bøtø, but when the priest asked him to choose between taking his final examine and stay at the school, or to study the violin, his destiny was settled. Borcher Madsen moved to Nykøbing Falster and lived in Glahnstræde. He had quite a few students, and he was still playing in the age of 80. Borcher Madsen died in 1897.

The trio JENSEN & BUGGE + HØIRUP has been working for quite some time with the from Borcher Madsen’s repertoire, and during the Borcher Madsen Festival during 18th – 21st of June 2015, they will release the album “”Slid din tid”, containing the music of Borcher Madsens. At the same time they release a music collection with the known compositions of Borcher Madsen. More info at: