Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup

Mia Guldhammer (Vocals, ‘shruti box’ & percussion) & Morten Alfred Høirup (Guitar, vocals). Video: Jes Paul

The duo Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup’s lively approach to – and renewal of – the Danish singing and music tradition, together with their own compositions and their close interaction with the audience, has already attracted attention not only in Denmark but also internationally.

The Danish song tradition is packed with wonderful ballads of many kind and from many different periods.There are happy songs and merry joking songs, but there are also more heartfelt songs with reports of betrayal, longing and eternal love. Eternally valid items, also in 2021.

Tradition carrier and singer Mia Guldhammer and guitarist and singer Morten Alfred Høirup gives you an evening with a broad selection of these songs. They might be old and in a foreign language, but the melodies are beautiful and good fun, and the stories behind the songs not only move and entertain you, they also offer substance for thoughts, even if some of them are several hundred years old.

The songs are being arranged for vocals and guitar, spiced up with ‘diddling’ and instrumentals inspired by traditional as well as new music from Denmark. And the audience is getting involved, singing along in the choruses, creating a very special evening together with the duo.

”My girlfriend and I had a fantastic evening last night. Your concert was my birthday present to her, and we were singing all night long – yes, I am actually still humming here the day after. Thank you so much! ’ – Birgitte, fan of the duo, and – by the way – Pastor.

Tral, Tråd & Traditioner. In August 2021, Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup did release the debut album ‘Tral, Tråd & Traditioner’ (Diddling, Fiery Guitars & Traditions) containing a collection of new as well as old songs and tunes. On the album they appear both as a duo and with a number of guest musicians from the Danish and Finnish folk music scene. The album can be purchased as CD on www.folkshop.dk and electronically on Bandcamp.

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Mia Guldhammer (Vocals, Shruti Box) sang and played in her parents family orchestra when she was a child. Later she was learning from the traditional Danish music center of Hogager, and at the youth workshop of ROD. Today Mia Guldhammer is wellknown and respected as tradition carrier, and as one of our strongest profiled folk singers. Every year she sings for thousands of people at viking and medieval markets, venues and festivals in Denmark and internationally, together with Danish Virelai, and in the project ‘Nøkken’ with breton band Dour/Le Pottier Quartet and Swedish singer Sofia Sandén.

Morten Alfred Høirup (Guitar, vocals) played from he was quite young in his fathers wedding band, and later he became part of the Copenhagen folk music scene. For several decades the awarded singer and guitar player has been touring with new as well as traditional Danish music, and he has been singing traditional songs in front of concert audiences all over Great Britain, Europa, The US, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Morten Alfred is probably mostly known for his work in the violin-guitar duo Haugaard & Høirup (1998 – 2008), the folk-world band Himmerland (2010-2015) and the trad trio Gangspil (2012-2017).

Contact: Morten Alfred Høirup +45 21676913, mortenalfred@gmail.com * Mia Guldhammer: miaguldhammer@gmail.com * More info at: www.mortenalfred.com og www.miaguldhammer.dk