Fin Alfred & Morten Alfred

Fin Alfred & Morten AlfredFin Alfred Larsen is my father. The name Alfred was my grandfather’s first name. My sons both has Alfred as a middle name, just like me.

Fin Alfred has a large repertoire of Danish songs, everything from working songs and labour songs, over love songs, to soldiers songs and more ‘naughty’ songs.

We have been playing and performing together ever since I was just a boy. We used to play in Fin Alfred’s wedding band, and they still perform together occasionally, for example at Skagen Festival 2016.

Fin Alfred’s album, “Håndværkersange og skæmteviser fra København og omegn” (Working songs and joking songs from Copenhagen and surburbs), on which I am playing as well, got a Danish Music Award (Danish “Grammy”) as “Danish Ballad Album of the Year 2004”.

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