A multicultural meeting in the world of music!

4 Jul
The three musicians – from the left: Morten Alfred Høirup, George Mihalache and Andrzej Krejniuk – are playing their first concert as a trio in October 2018.

The Romainian cimbalom player George Mihalache, the Danish-Polish bass guitar player Andrzej Krejniuk and I, perform a mix of traditional music from our respektive countries, and our own compositions, spiced up with a few old Danish songs about sorrow, happiness, love – and other universal issues.

We are all experienced musicians and each of us has traveled the world with many different bands, playing all kinds of music from the gipsies rousing wedding music, over the bold Danish traditional music and to the often improvised jazz fusion, and when we meet and each bring our musical upbringing and background, true world music is being created.

We are so much looking forward to play this music for you. Our first concert is at Lundtofte Kirke (Lundtofte Church) in Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen Denmark on October 24th at 7:30 PM. Will we see you there?